Gator Carts manufactures custom food carts for all your portable food vending and tailgate requirements.


GatorGarts custom food carts are capable of turning your entrepreneurial spirit and dreams into reality.  Our special design team and fabrication experts manufactures food carts to meet all your specific needs and requirements.  This includes technical drawings, NSF/ANSI product specifications, and listing approvals for your county's department of environmental health.
GatorGarts is not your ordinary food cart manufacturer, as we go the extra mile and think of you first, not our pocket books. 
For example (just to name a few);

    We build our carts framing and structure out of lightweight aluminum from the trailer up. Even though this material is more expensive, we want to make our carts the lightest weight possible.  This way, they are much easier to move and push around.  In addition, aluminum does not rust like cheap steel.
    We use only the highest-grade stainless steel for your countertop, sneeze guard, folding prep shelf, etc.  Any cut out required; such as for hand wash sinks, three tub sinks, steam pan trays, etc. We program our CNC machine, which laser cuts with extreme precision and accuracy!
    We install LED stop/turn/tail lights, which are much better looking than incandescent, lasts much longer, and best of all saves energy. 
    We offer an anti-theft cash box on a swivel that only takes up 3” x 3” of counter space.  Cash box is lockable, so if you have to leave your cart for any reason, this gives you a sense of security.
      And the list goes on and on!


Tail Gator

Known for our quality custom food carts, we were asked to “think outside the cart” and develop the ultimate catering/tailgating system.  After much research from our R&D department and design team, we’ve developed a patent pending Tailgating system 2nd to none!  DETAILS...




Mini Gator

This little whippersnapper is so cute, people will want to come up and pet it!  And though this little grasshopper is tiny, it can still snap up a lot of lettuce ($$$) because it’s designed to serve large crowds! DETAILS...




Tail Slappin Gator

This cart slaps some serious tail!  Roll this little beast around town or park it at your favorite event; then, watch this Gator slap around the competition!  With a built in stainless steel cooler for ice cold drinks and three full size steam trays, this work of art will be admired by many!     DETAILS...




Snappin Gator

Snap this cart around from place to place and let it gobble up the lettuce ($$$)!  Designed to serve large crowds, this little snapper can do all the grilling you want, or throw a griddle on the grill and do up a Philly Cheese-steak Sandwich, or use it as an oven and bake a Pizza! DETAILS....




Chillin Gator

Picture it! This Gator has his shades on just chillin’ on the beach waiting for the right wave to roll in on!  While chillin’, he decides to blend up his favorite ice- cold smoothie drink.  While snappin’ his drink back, the other Gators come rushin’ in, and before you know it they’re having a smoothie Bash!  DETAILS...




Hot Doggin Gator

This little Gator is HotDoggin’ around town snappin’ up some serious GreenBack ($$$)!   And though this little guy only preys on non-hazardous foods, it can still snap up a lot of lettuce ($$$) because it’s designed to serve large crowds!  Doesn’t get any easier than this to serve it up right!  DETAILS...




Captain Gator

Captain, we salute you! We give you our highest honor and you have led the way.  You have taught us well, how to snap up lettuce, gobble down greenback, but most important, how to perform the death roll on our competition!  Yes Captain, continue on and go about your day; we will gladly follow, snappin’, slappin’ and gobblin’ along the way! DETAILS... 



O'Crepe a Gator

O’ Crepe a Gator! No, not to worry!  It’s just another Gator, except this little beast dishes out Crepe.  And though this little Gator is cruising around the neighborhood stirring up all kinds of Crepe, the neighbors don’t seam to mind because that Crepe is pretty darn good! DETAILS...




Braggin Gator

OK, so this Gator likes to brag!  Ya, like, brag all the way to the bank!  You’ve heard it all before from "Bubba" in the movie "Forest Gump" braggin' about a million different ways to prepare shrimp.  Well, you could say this Braggin' Gator learned a few things from Bubba. You can deep fry French Fries, Twinkies, Corn Dogs, Fish, Cheese, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Finger Steak, Chicken, Tuna, and the list just goes on and on and on!  So, come up with your own special deep fry treat and watch the deep fried lettuce roll in! DETAILS...




Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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